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How do I appeal a long-term disability denial?

If you suffered a life-changing injury or illness, you and your family likely face a significant amount of emotional and financial stress ahead. That is why many families rely on long-term disability insurance coverage to help them through stressful times like these.

However, these claims for coverage are often denied the first time around. A denial might cause you and your family to worry, but there are steps you can take to recover the benefits you need during this time. The first step is preparing an appeal of the denial.

How investors can protect themselves from financial scams

In late 2008, at the onset of the Great Recession, news of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme exploded into the headlines. Across the nation, people from all professional and economic backgrounds were rushing to liquidate investment funds. Madoff’s clients were no exception. As the market’s decline accelerated, his investors tried to withdraw funds, only to find that his scheme left them bilked.

A Ponzi scheme is type of investment fraud that pays existing clients with funds collected from new investors. Ponzi scheme operators lure investors with the promise of unusually high returns. The Madoff scandal is estimated to have swindled investors of $18 billion. As investors are still struggling to recoup more than a decade later, Pennsylvania investors today can benefit from learning how to protect themselves from similar situations.

How to protect yourself from investment fraud

If there is one universal agreement, it may be that your money should stay as your money. The problem is, there are always fraudulent investment advisors and scammers trying to come between you and your money.

There are some key steps you can take to protect yourself from investment fraud. Also, understanding red flags and common persuasion tactics used by these scammers will help keep your money where it belongs. You can find those answers below.

Will Your Securities Protect You in Retirement?


Part of smart retirement planning includes anticipating healthcare needs. Yet your employer provided health care benefits may not automatically transfer over into your retirement. In addition, benefits coverage may change, and your company may not be legally obligated to inform you of certain changes. As a result, it is smart idea to consult with a securities law attorney to plan for your financial future.

The collateral effects of financial crime on an innocent spouse

Securities fraud robs individuals and families of their livelihood, destroying financial stability and future plans. However, one group of victims is commonly overlooked: that of the perpetrator’s spouse and their family. Many spouses and children of those involved in financial crimes are living a lie, and do not know that such illegal acts are happening.  Once the truth is revealed they are commonly ostracized and left without resources to pay for basic living expenses after their joint resources were seized by the government.

How do you pick an investment advisor you can trust?

Are you on the lookout for a trusted financial advisor? But isn’t that what everyone is looking for? Also, won’t every financial advisor say they are trustworthy in an effort to gain your business? Then how do you go about securing the right financial advisor for you? Here are steps you can take to help you filter through the options you will encounter. Hopefully, your reward for this due diligence will be finding a financial advisor you can have confidence in.

What is fiduciary duty?

As a business owner, you have to put your trust in a lot of people for your company to run smoothly and successfully. You build relationships with your employees and expect them to do their jobs well and act in good faith. You might not be prepared for your fiduciary to violate your trust.

A fiduciary is a person or group of people who are responsible for controlling and taking care of assets on behalf of someone else. This is the highest level of trust both personally and legally. The fiduciary must act in the best interest of the beneficiary. For example, a business owner could appoint a fiduciary to manage investments. No matter the reason for a fiduciary, the relationship is built on trust and loyalty.


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