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Security is not just a system for your home or business — it is a central idea of your investment portfolio. When investment professionals and broker-dealers commit securities law violations, they are not only risking their careers but also the future of their investors as well.

Many securities law violations are committed in plain view by people you know or have relied on in the past to manage your investments. This relationship can cover up the fact that the law is being violated. The good news is that investors do have methods of gaining recovery from professionals who engage in illegal activity when they seek help from a lawyer.

Numerous securities regulation laws guide this practice area including the Securities Act and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Common securities law violations include:

  • Fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Market manipulation
  • Pyramid and Ponzi schemes

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Understanding Securities Law

Securities law is a combination of federal and Pennsylvania state laws. The purpose of this area of law is to ensure that you, as an investor, are not investing in money based on fraud or misrepresentation of your investment vehicle. Just because your money has ended up in an illegal scheme does not mean you personally have violated the law. Instead, the liability likely rests with the people you counted on to give you financial advice.

You May Have A Right To Financial Compensation

Realizing that you have been victimized by these crimes can be embarrassing, but it is not your fault. Discuss your options to get justice for your financial adviser's illegal investments with attorney Michael B. Cohen in Altoona today.

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